About Me


Are You a Girl Boss Lady Who Is:
Creative, Determined, Passionate & Ambitious

Since you’re here right now, something tells me that you’re full of with entrepreneurial Ideas, a positive mindset, and determined to Find a Way to Succeed at whatever it is your set out to do!

But Your Feeling…..

Overwhelmed with all the information out there on the net

Tired of not getting anywhere with all your hard work or time

Feeling Isolated with no-one understanding Your Ideas or Goals

Lost on how to create an Online Store on Shopify Maybe

For those who are Suffering From an Autoimmune Disease…

Your Feeling lost and frustrated because no one Understands Your Illness

Tired of Not Getting better and not sure how to do it

Needing more support on how to deal with Your Pain

Feeling Depressed and Lonely just needing someone to understand you

You can do it!

You Can Overcome those obstacles that are stopping you from being able to do what you love and be who you want to be in life.

We will do our best to teach you about areas that We have knowledge about in:

  • Online Business {DropShipping}
    Setting up a Shopify Store
    Setting up a WordPress & A Hosting account that Meets your needs
    Teaching You About Affiliate Marketing
    Share with you Online How to Make Money Online

For Those who have AIP Paleo and Autoimmune Protocol We will Help You By:

Sharing Resources on how to change your Diet to AIP Paleo to better Your Health
Talk about how to take care of your home while Sick
How to deal with Pain when You’re not feeling well
Give You Faith and Encouragement Blog Posts
Share Food Recipes that You can make to Help You Feel Better

Our goal is to get to know you better and to help you achieve your desired outcome of what you would like to achieve in your business or life.

We will be discussing things like how to make money from home with either blogging or E-commerce and or other methods of stay at home Jobs.

We will discuss issues of lifestyle in nature such as Chronic Illness, Diabetes, Health & wellness & Business- Blogging.

Positive Things We bring to this Blog:

Knowledge of the Business
Business Experience with Drop-Shipping
How to Earn Money Online
How to deal with Illnesses in a Positive Manner
Sharing Faith Topics that matter
How to Live a Better Lifestyle with Chronic Illness
Diabetes Issues

We Will also be Sharing Food Recipes for those who are on a Special Diets!