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How To Create Your Journey to Health and Fitness

Your Journey to Health and Fitness

How to Create Your Journey to Health and Fitness

Staying fit and physically active, both interlinked with good health. Other triggering factors like nutrition and lifestyle also take part in the constitution of good health.

A more significant number of individuals all over the US suffer tremendously linked to health and fitness.

Factors like poor nutrition, lack of physical activity, and odd lifestyle choices are all points that play significant roles in poor health.

Most of us live on-the-go lifestyles, so there is no wonder that we have only a few minutes to remain physically active and immersed in health and fitness.

Life on this planet is very hectic. It may leave many opting to consume junk foods out of convenience; by doing so, they save their time and effort.

We don’t even have time to check the nutritional information on food packaging, and it leads us to excess salt, sugar, and synthetic chemicals being eaten in numerous diets.

Here, I will discuss with you the essential steps to create your journey to health and fitness. So, let’s get started!

The 14-Proven Steps to Create Your Journey to Health and Fitness


The 14-Proven Steps to Create Your Journey to Health and Fitness


Step # 1 Be Active Daily for Mental Health

Remain inactivity for a more extended period is the leading trigger for stress, frustration, anger, and depression.

Moreover, people who are living an active life may feel a better mood, remain more energetic, and overall enjoy a well-satisfied life.

So, your first step to the health and fitness journey should be staying active daily for mental health.

Step #2 Be Active Daily for Physical Health

Being active neither means doing a 30 km run regularly nor doing a tough workout daily. Even lighter exercises or activities such as swimming, walking, yoga, playing with friends, washing your clothes, riding a horse, cleaning your place, etc. are all different shapes.

So, if you want to fit and healthy, you should remain active daily for physical health.

Step #3 Go for Cardio

Again note my point; doing cardio does relate to painful long and slow workouts or activities, such as hiking or distance jogging.

You may also do it in a short time with activities such as circuit training or boxing, etc. Actually, great options may offer better results under the umbrella of cardio fitness.

It maintains your body composition, boosts growth hormone formation, and improves muscle mass, etc.

Step #4 Strength Train and Lift Heavy

A plethora of research-based study shows that strength training, involving heavy lifting weights has plenty of health benefits.

It may help to manage your weight, maximize your energy levels, maintain glucose metabolism.

So, there are numerous reasons why you should strength train. You may strength train through utilizing your bodyweight and lifting dumbbell, kettlebell, etc.

Step #5 Checks Your BMI

An ideal technique to calculate the ideal body weight is to utilize the BMI calculator.

There is a misconception regarding BMI that it is not a correct method to measure ideal bodyweight.

But from my point of view, unless a person has unnaturally large muscles because of steroids, the BMI is an ideal calculator of anyone’s ideal body weight.

I am repeating; it is not 100 % accurate, but it’s pretty close to many individuals.

Step #6 Maintain Perfect Flexibility & Mobility Levels

A large number of individuals at their young age had already lost plenty of flexibility that they had when they were 4 to 6 years old.

Therefore, you can only think about how much tighter they will become when they are in their 50’s and 60’s.

You may promote your joint flexibility and mobility levels as long as you make some effort. You may be able to touch your toes.

Step #7 Keep Tracks of Calories and Food Consumption Daily

Having knowledge of how many calories you consume on a daily basis will be useful in designing your physical exercise.

Do you think for a moment why a bodybuilder’s body mass is so huge?

It is due to the fact; he plans out his meal and consumes more healthy calories than the average person. Moreover, losing weight may include more physical exercise than calories you take.

Step #8 Be Sure to Get Some Quality Sleep

Regardless of the fact, you have nine-hour jobs during the day or night, it is incredibly essential to get proper sleep to relax or recharge your body’s battery.

Seven to nine hours of sleep will keep your body going throughout the day.

But if you feel tired at any moment after coming from a job, you should take a small nap before going for any physical activity.

You must only nap for approximately half an hour; it may save you from staying up later in the night.

How To Create Your Journey to Health and Fitness

Step #9 Stay Motivated

A critical key to being fit or healthy is to make your goals and keep a positive mindset. If you remain positive, you will be able to motivate yourself to obtain fit or healthy body; you’ve always wished.

Step #10 Protein Is Good

In some get-together, party, event or celebration, you don’t have the right choice of foods. You may choose to eat fatty foods, food full of added sugar, salt, and even processed meals.

You can choose the protein products. Protein may fill you up faster than carbohydrates.

As protein keeps you satiated longer, you may not be as tempted when your colleague orders a brownie or brings out some cookies.

So, go for protein items like roasted lean beef, grilled chicken and turkey, etc.

Step #11 Minimize Junk Foods

You are familiar with the fact that you live in a society where fast foods surround you. It may be complicated to try to resist it all the time, even when you go out with your close friends and family. According to professionals, 80% of your calories are good, and you may have fun with the remaining 20 percent.

Step #12 Minimize Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol may be one of the enemies in your health and fitness journey, so you should limit alcohol consumption.

Research has highlighted that a glass of wine can affect your health. There is no harm to occasional drinking, but in my opinion, you should cut down drinking alcohol.

Step #13 Procrastination Kills

If you wait for ideal conditions, then forget to start. You have to enjoy your exercise if it is going to be a permanent part of your life.

Note that there is no one set path to getting the goal. Think about what works better for you and stick with it!

The most critical thing is getting initiated. 75% of your success is showing up when you design your path wrong way.

Step #14 Laugh & Smile More Often

It may sound childish, but we indeed forget to have an actual laugh and smile. We are engrossed in negative emotions that we think that enjoying or having a good time is no less than a crime.

You should relax and enjoy life in the company of your loved ones more frequently. A good laugh may relieve your stress, uplift your mood, and make you fit or healthier.


Living a fit or healthy lifestyle can be tough, particularly when so much is going on in your life.

It is easy to forget yourself and take good care of your body, so you have to come up with some easy tips that may aid you in living a healthier lifestyle and get you, fitter!

In order to create your health and fitness journey, these simple steps are beyond your imagination and have no health benefits.

Hopefully, you will try a few out of these steps and observe if they work for you. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Therefore, don’t expect too much from your body to change overnight or within no time.

Remember one thing, being fit is always more significant than looking fit. Obtaining a better lifestyle may improve your health that in returns will offer you more energy. It may also positively influence your attitude.

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